Community Investment

As one way to contribute to the communities in which we operate our business, CREIT has teamed up with Easter SealsTM Canada to support the “Drop Zone Event”. As the Founding Sponsor, CREIT has raised more than $15 million with Easter Seals since 2004. Max Beck, Chief Executive Officer of Easter Seals Canada, commented: “CREIT has developed a creative fundraising initiative that has brought increased awareness and significant new funding to help Easter Seals promote active, healthy living for Canadians with physical disabilities. We are proud to be associated with CREIT and the Drop Zone Events”. Easter Seals is dedicated to helping children and adults with physical disabilities achieve their full individual potential and independence. Easter Seals delivers award-winning programs and services to Canadians of all ages with physical disabilities, offering them support to live full and active lives.


The CREIT–Easter Seals Drop Zone Event is a simple three-step program:

1. CREIT makes one highrise office building, in selected cities across Canada, available for the Drop Zone Event, for one day in each calendar year. We also provide a donation to help offset the costs of running the event at each property.

2. Easter Seals Canada invites individuals to rappel down the exterior of the office building in their city on the selected day.

3. Each rappeller is required to raise sponsorship dollars to be eligible for their individual rappel; all sponsorship money goes directly to Easter Seals Canada.

Each participating CREIT office property receives high-profile exposure up to, during and after the event. The program is valuable to CREIT, from both a building identity and a leasing perspective, and to Easter Seals and the Canadians it supports.

Drop Zone Website

For information on the Drop Zone Event in your community, please visit the Drop Zone website