Property Operations

At CREIT we focus on two fundamentals for growing our earnings consistently – externally, through appropriate acquisitions and internally, through improving the performance of our existing assets.

As our portfolio grows, the additional income from each new acquisition will have relatively less impact on our results as a whole. Thus rental income growth from our existing assets will be the key driver for higher earnings. Therefore, as we continue to grow, the strength of CREIT’s property management and leasing capabilities becomes increasingly critical to drive enhanced performance.

Our property management focus is on providing outstanding business accommodation to our tenants. We have well-staffed property management and leasing teams, and notably, approximately 90% of our employees are also CREIT Unitholders. This alignment of investor and employee interests helps to keep the attention focused on tenant satisfaction.

Satisfied tenants lead to lower turnover, translating to higher occupancy. So building a distinctive core competency in property management and leasing has been and will continue to be an important part of our Business Model.